Compressible Fluid Mechanics Lab

Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Compressible Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is part of the Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Illinois, and is directed by Assist. Prof. Joanna Austin. The members of the lab focus on fundamental experimental studies of reacting and nonreacting compressible flows, including hypersonics, detonation and combustion, aero-acoustics, and geological fluid mechanics. Current projects include investigation of canonical flowfields in hypersonic flows, void collapse mechanisms in detonation initiation, and jet noise. All these projects include application of non-intrustive diagnostic techniques including LDV, PIV, schlieren imaging, emission spectroscopy and Rayleigh scattering. The lab recieves funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Department of Energy, Rolls-Royce, Gulfstream and NASA.

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